Mathenge Technical Training Institute Students Union (MATTISU) was created to serve the student fraternity in its pursuit of academic excellence, social welfare, peace, competitiveness in the job market and integrity.
The objectives of the Student’s Union are;

  1. To provide a basis for the establishment of sound traditions, good culture, fair solutions to students’ problems and aspirations.
  2. To inspire all students to live as members of one community and co-operate for academic and professional success;
  3. To promote and improve social, academic interests and healthy life of students;
  4. To promote National Unity and encourage the students to interact freely regardless of race, religion, sex, abilities or ethnic origins as provided in the Institute rules and regulations;
  5. To act as an advisory organ to the Institute Administration on matters concerning students’ welfare.
  6. To preserve high academic standards in the Institute in conformity with the expectations of the society;
  7. To participate through the Secretary of the Board of Governors in the revision of the Institute rules and regulations when necessary.
  8. To provide a forum for peaceful negotiations, reconciliation and arbitration between the Institutes’ Administration and students.

This students’ welfare Union is governed by the student’s council in liaison with the Dean of Students. The students’ council comprises of the following elected officials;

  • Chairperson and Vice chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Finance Minister
  • Minister and Assistant Minister for Education
  • Minister and Assistant Minister for Catering
  • Minister and Assistant Minister for Games and Sports
  • Minister and Assistant Minister for Entertainment
  • Minister and Assistant Minister for Health and safety
  • Minister and Assistant Minister in charge of Men’s Hostel
  • Minister and Assistant Minister in charge of Ladies’ Hostel
  • Catholic Association Representative (Co-opted members)
  • Christian Union Representative (Co-opted members)